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This development plan is merely a suggestion, its cost is described on the Price page.
Developments shown here are roughly twice actual size for improved visibility on map.
Developments shown are designed to accommodate 30 guests and 4 full time staff.
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 Why Invest in Innovation?

Internal hack days, twenty percent time, innovation departments, idea boards, scoping out the competition, visiting expos, and visting conferences are all ways in which modern companies seek inspiration and strive for innovation; to be the providers of the next big thing. While these existing methods for achieving innovation are successful to a degree, imagine transporting these methods and the creative people that use them to a fresh setting full of stimulus. Imagine how the results of this powerful experience would drive your business into a future of industry-leading success.

This is what Tiger Point is perfect for. We have produced a modest starting-point development plan for your company to establish a Corporate Innovation Center at this idyllic location. Upon completion, your company will be able to cost-effectively send any department or development team to this location to brainstorm and break new ground.

Unlock creativity and stay ahead of your competition with the Tiger Point Corporate Innovation Center.

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Learn About Innovation

Innovation is necessary, but don’t take our word for it. Here are some third party articles from respected business authorities that illustrate why innovation is an important facet of any business:

Apple CEO Cook: If We Don’t Innovate, We’ll End Up Like Nokia -CNET (Brief Read)
The 50 Most Innovative Companies In The World -Business Insider (Brief Read)
CEOs Say Innovation Is Most Important Factor For Growth -Forbes (Moderate Read)
Why Work Should Also Mean Time for Play -The Wall Street Journal (Moderate Read)
Innovation: Transforming The Way Business Creates -The Economist (Lengthy Read)
Lee Kai-Fu, China’s Innovation Idol -Businessweek (Lengthy Read)


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