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Tiger Point is a 359 acre peninsula within the Southern Lagoon of Belize. Integral to the identity of the land itself, the beautiful Southern Lagoon offers not only fun and relaxation, but essential protection from Caribbean debris and weather as well. Tiger Point is like a private island, but better.

The property technically consists of a primary peninsula and a secondary island to the west. The landscape has an average elevation of about 10 feet and is mainly savanna with occasional sand flats, jungles, and mangroves. Relative to other properties around the lagoon, Tiger Point’s topography has the distinct advantage of remaining dry and usable during Belize’s rainy season.

The vast Southern Lagoon typically does not get deeper than neck level and is teeming with aquatic life, including sport fish and a uniquely large manatee population. The shores of the Southern Lagoon are largely undeveloped, and typically the waters of the lagoon are traversed by no more than five boats a day. The north and east edges of the lagoon feature convenient channels that lead to Belize City and the Caribbean Sea.

Welcome to Tiger Point; the perfect place to establish your tropical refuge.


Local Points of Interest

Closest Grocery Stores:
The closest grocery and supply stores are located in Belize City, an hour and 15 minute trip away by boat. Once in the area, food, fuel, and general supplies are all available.

Gale’s Point:
Approximately 2 miles south of Tiger Point is a long thin peninsula home to a small village, modest lodging for lagoon visitors, and a small local bar (Gentle’s Cool Spot). Visitors can stay overnight at the Manatee Lodge. The people of Gale’s Point are friendly and have a rich culture. Many residents are notably good fishermen and navigators, while others produce unique and beautiful hand crafted goods.

Ben Loman’s Cave:
An approximately 300 ft deep cave located 15 minutes from Tiger Point via boating and walking. Full of interesting rock formations, and also frequented by fruit bats and spider monkeys.

Mayan Ruins:
The most renowned Mayan Ruins in Belize are known as Xunantunich, and are a 2 hour and 15 minute car ride west of Tiger Point. The site was prominent in Mayan society between 600 and 750 AD, and today it is an impressive monument to visit. Sections of the site have been artificially restored and visitors are allowed to climb to the top of the highest monument.

The Great Blue Hole:
The famous 980 ft diameter submarine hole off the coast of Belize. Travel time to this attraction from Tiger Point is roughly 3 hours by boat, or 20 minutes by plane.


Local Water Sport

Manatee WatchingThe Southern Lagoon is home to approximately 150 manatees, and has the highest density of Antillean Manatees in the world. These gentle creatures are the subject of international research and can be viewed at several “manatee holes” (submarine pits) throughout the lagoons.

World Class FishingBelize is a Mecca for those interested in fishing. Spin fishing, fly fishing, and trolling are available all year long, and the abundance of game fish guarantees a great sport fishing adventure. Click here to check out our chart of Belizian fish and where to find them.


Scuba Diving

Wind Surfing

Kite Surfing


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